COLUMBUS, Ohio-June 18, 2020: Veeam ® Software makes a number of important announcements about its collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Veeam announces the release of a new version of Veeam Backup for AWS v2, as well as receiving the status of AWS Storage Competency, confirming that Veeam solutions fully help customers solve their tasks and achieve their business goals.

Veeam Backup for AWS was first released in the fourth quarter of 2019. It offers native AWS backup and restore in the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) environment, provides high security and attractive value for money. The solution is available exclusively in the AWS Marketplace store in free and paid versions, as well as in the option of transferring your own license (BYOL). You can either implement Veeam Backup for AWS as a separate AWS-to-AWS backup and disaster recovery solution, or integrate it into the Veeam platform, which provides seamless cloud mobility and data portability to back up, restore, and migrate data from or within any environment — including cloud, virtual, and physical infrastructures.

“When developing new versions of solutions, we at Veeam always rely on the opinions and feedback of our community of users and partners. When creating Veeam Backup for AWS, we also followed this principle — ” says Danny Allan, CTO and senior Vice President of product strategy at Veeam. — We constantly remind our partners and users that the protection and security of data is primarily the responsibility of the customers themselves, regardless of whether this data is stored in their local infrastructure or in the cloud. Now that the value of data has grown as never before, this is especially important to remember. In the first quarter of 2020, Veeam increased the volume of protected data in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) by more than 20 times compared to last year. The placement of our new products in the AWS Marketplace, as well as our designation as AWS Storage Competency, not only confirms our commitment to maintain and develop a leading position in cloud data management, but also demonstrates our intention to further expand data protection for AWS customers with Veeam solutions.”

Users who are interested in protecting their workloads in AWS are actively starting to use Veeam Backup for AWS. The new version of Veeam Backup for AWS includes numerous new features and features that customers and partners have actively requested to implement, including:

Disaster recovery for AWS, which provides protection against regional failures by replicating and restoring Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) snapshots between different AWS accounts and AWS regions.
Integration with the newly released modified block tracking API (CBT), which reduces backup Windows, as well as reduces computing power and storage space.
Creating consistent snapshots and backups of running VMS in AWS EC2 without shutting them down or disconnecting them from the network Using the RESTful public API, which provides a secure connection to external applications and workflows, allowing you to integrate with and manage Veeam Backup for AWS.
Veeam’s Advanced Technology Partner status in the AWS Partner Network (APN) was upgraded to AWS Storage Competency. Veeam has demonstrated significant success in helping users evaluate, implement, and use effective migration and data protection technologies within AWS, including archiving, backup, and recovery, business continuity, and disaster recovery, as well as using AWS as their primary storage.

Veeam will continue to take into account the opinions and wishes of its partners and customers. In the coming months, Veeam Backup for AWS and Veeam Backup & Replication ™ are planning to implement additional extensions to native AWS backup and restore procedures. With even easier-to-use data protection and migration tools between your on-premises infrastructure and the AWS cloud, Veeam customers will have unprecedented opportunities to choose and flexibly manage data availability and cost-effectiveness.
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