With 150 new features and updates, including support for modern NAS network storage, multi-VM Instant Recovery, and enhanced protection against ransomware, Veeam Availability Suite v10’s data protection capabilities increase data availability, mobility, and scalability for cloud management.

As hybrid cloud strategies are implemented to accelerate digital transformation, data becomes critical to the success of companies. However, according to the Veeam Cloud Data Management Report 2019, 73% of organizations cannot provide uninterrupted access to applications and data for their customers. Many companies are adopting cloud-based data management technologies to improve data security and efficiency. The new Veeam solution, with enhanced platform support and improved functionality, will allow organizations to better manage the data needed to meet critical business requirements.

“Veeam Availability Suite v10 is the largest release in the history of Veeam. The new product features will take data protection to the next level, creating the most simple, flexible and reliable solution for hybrid cloud environments, ” said Danny Allan, chief technical officer and senior Vice President of product strategy at Veeam. ― As a leader in cloud data management, we focus on creating innovative solutions that perfectly meet customer needs. Veeam Availability Suite v10 is designed to help businesses of all sizes ensure that data is always available, mobile, and secure across all environments and platforms, so that organizations can use data efficiently in business development.”

Veeam Availability Suite v10 protects modern workloads across the organization using advanced backup capabilities. Due to integration with S3 Object Lock functionality, backups cannot be changed – this further improves data protection. The solution expands the integration capabilities of the API ecosystem, allowing organizations to save time, reduce costs, and successfully solve data recovery tasks.

“Data protection in the cloud is an increasingly important task for a huge number of organizations, both large and small. All of them are in the process of transitioning to cloud technology, ” notes Henry Balthazar, Vice President of research at 451 Research. ― Solutions such as the new Veeam Availability Suite v10 provide organizations with the scale they need for current and future workloads and new data management capabilities in the cloud: accelerated automatic copying to object storage and using S3 Object Lock to protect data from various threats, such as ransomware, internal threats, and malicious actions by administrators.”

 The release of Veeam Availability Suite v10 strengthens Veeam’s leadership position in cloud data management by offering protection for any application and data in any cloud environment. With version V10, companies can:

Upgrade and simplify the protection of large file storage and file servers with a powerful backup system to NAS network storage.

Implement a new generation of multi-VM Instant Recovery (Multi-VM Instant Recovery) systems in business processes for disaster recovery in the event of large-scale data center outages.

Simplify backup to storage on remote sites and get absolute protection from ransomware and internal threats thanks to integration with S3 object storage and continuous backup.

Use the data stored in the backup for business purposes and simplify the integration of third-party SOFTWARE for analyzing company data using the new Veeam DataIntegration API.

Provide broader platform and ecosystem support, including new, enhanced features for Linux, HPE Primera, HPE StoreOnce, Nutanix AHV, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and more.

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